Sarah’s Secret- Boot’s PhotoFix

The secret to Lisa D’Amato‘s flawless look after her horrific accident just a month before the Grammy’s was Boots PhotoFix!  Primarily used for fine lines and wrinkles but heaven-sent to hide any unwanted scars or marks. It’s also hypo-allergenic and completely safe for us to use on Lisa, leaving scars unnoticeable in photographs!  Katy Perry is also known to use PhotoFix to diminish acne scars.

How to use: Apply underneath your foundation and allow the primer to work it’s magic!

Strobist Article

I worked on this project back in March with Charlie Chipman and Sara Lando, two multi-talented photographers! Always a blast to see these projects come to life over time while digging deeper into the inspiration.  Read this well written, whitty article by Sara herself… A worthy read… Strobist: On Being Photographed 

Redbook Magazine: Beauty Hair and Makeup for the September 2012 Issue!

Beauty Hair and Makeup for Celebrity Interior Designer Vanessa De Vargas 

So inspired by friend and celebrity interior designer, Vanessa De Vargas, of her project at the Teen Center in Venice Beach, California!! Special thanks to her for bringing me along for the shoot! (Also, check out my hair and makeup credit on the left side of page 25, yay!)

Huge Success at RAW:Los Angeles RADIATE

Sarah Nelson Makeup booth at RAW:Los Angeles Radiate (left) Chelsea Gehr and myself (right)

9 models in 4.5 hours, check. Worked with talented designer Mena, head piece designer, La.LaRocque and hairstylist, Vanessa Hassett, check. Amazing help from my good friend and fellow makeup artist, Chelsea Gehr (couldn’t have made everyone so beautiful without you!), check. My booth set up and being represented by “my favorite” (everything went better than I could ever imagine because of you), check.  Able to meet some awesome models and friends at the show, check.  And last but definitely not least, my supporters that made it out last night, you made the night so special!  Thank you to everyone, I know big things are yet to come!



RAW Radiate Art Show

Today is the day! Pumped and ready to get my models done for the RAW Fashion show, 40’s glam style! Also, check out my stand, lots of cool things to see and even discounts 😉

Come see me at the RAW:Los Angeles RADIATE art show, August 26th at The El Rey

I’m honored to announce I will be doing makeup for the RAW:Los Angeles RADIATE fashion show at 8:55pm with designers and hairstylist, Mena (Misty), La.LaRocque (Heather) and Vanessa Hassett! I will also have a booth set up so you can chat with me after the show! RADIATE is one of the largest RAW:Los Angeles showcases of the year!

First, you can purchase your TICKET’s here (just make sure you select my name, Sarah Nelson Makeup, when ordering):

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